Friday, September 2, 2022

Split Face Diving Accident Footage Now Viral On Twitter | Split Face Diving Incident Video

Full Split Diving Accident Video.

Split diving accident video becoming popular on Twitter

You can watch Full Split Diving Accident Video Click Here

The face split diving mishap video is becoming widely shared on the web and on social media. People are interested in learning more about the occurrence, so we will go into detail regarding the "Split Face Diving Incident" in this article.
A 16-year-old boy slips before jumping off the beach in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. When he stumbles, he hits the concrete slab where fisherman are fishing rather than the ocean.

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It falls face down into the ocean after first striking the pavement face down. The ocean will soon stretch for miles. Girls are shouting all over, and there are people and boats in the water attempting to assist the man. The action then shifts to a hospital where a group of medical professionals are attending to the poor man. The centre of his face is split vertically. He is still breathing, awake, and his tongue is still in motion. He seemed scared. To make him whole again, the doctor pushes him numerous times while holding the sides of his face. The doctor repeatedly asks in Arabic, "Where do I begin?" During the second week of June 2009, it occurred in Beirut. The young man and his brother were diving on the Manara Promenade (picture), on the Beirut waterfront, directly in front of the American University, to demonstrate their diving prowess.

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